Cormorant Escape Lighting for Leisure Craft







Cormorant escape lighting systems are designed to guide personnel to  exits in the aftermath of an incident.


A variation on the Egret Escape Lighting, the Cormorant system is specifically designed for after-market installation in grp leisure boats.  It comprises standard elements –  various lights together with a combined shock/rollover/water sensor  to enable customers to make up a complete egress lighting system. 


The sensor unit is connected to the boat's electrical system, and has sensors to indicate excess water in the bilges.  The sensor transmits a radio alarm signal to the lights.  


Each light is self-contained, with its own battery and radio receiver - so there's no need for a laborious installation of unsightly wiring.  Simply stick or screw the lights by the exits - they'll come on in the event of an emergency.








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