Stork Emergency Lighting





EELTEX Stork lighting is similar in almost every way to a standard 3 hour non-maintained 3 watt LED emergency light.  


The main difference is that it has no wires!


Activated by a radio signal these fixtures can be quickly and easily installed in locations without mains wiring.


A remote sensor is connected to the mains supply to provide the 'on' signal in the event of a mains failure.  Activation is also possible from other sources - such as a smoke or heat sensor, or fire alarm.


Designed to last 10 years, the self-test function will confirm that the fixture will last for three hours if activated.  The internal batteries are maintained by a photovoltaic panel, so no maintenance is required*. 





* if used in a completely dark area the batteries will need to be recharged or swapped out when exhausted.  





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