TACT4 Festoon Light




Manufactured in Israel by D-led Illumination Technologies, TACT4 is a modular LED based festoon lighting system, ideal for rapid deployment.  Powered by 9 - 33 V DC and with wide beam and narrow beam 4W LED fixtures, it is a versatile and robust lighting system.





Tact4 generates the equivalent of 50W halogen light using the latest generation Philips LEDs. Simple to install and use, TACT4 requires only a standard low voltage power supply. Several units can be daisy chained together to one power source. Tact4 is easy to deploy from the vehicle and easy to store. 


Fixtures are Outdoor rated (IP67) and vandal resistant. 


Low current consumption allows the fixtures to work on vehicle batteries. 


Direct operation via standard low voltage power supply. 




   LED Color choice:                           Warm White, Cool White,Neutral White 

   Optical system:                              18°, 26°, OVAL (20-48°), 110°, 70° (reflector) 
   Electrical Power supply:                 11-30VDC 
   Light Output:                                 10W - 800 lumens

   Typical power consumption:            24V/ 0.4A (unit),  12V/ 0.83A (unit) 
   Physical:                                         Length 151mm, Width 42mm, Height 42mm 
   Housing:                                         Powder coated Aluminum,UV protected Polycarbonate

   Color:                                             Black matt finish 
   Accessories:                                    Attachments -  4m/ 6m garland 
   Environmental:                               Operating temp. -18°C ~ + 40°C/0°F ~ +104°F 
                                                         Storage temp. -10°C ~ + 60°C /14°F ~ +140°F 
  IP Rating:                                        Outdoor – IP67 




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