Emergency Egress Lighting









Emergency Escape Lighting for MRAP Vehicles 




An important aid to crew and passenger survivability,  vehicle escape lighting systems (EELS / VELS) are designed to guide personnel to exits in the aftermath of an incident.


  • Standard modular component designs
  • Flicker free LED lighting
  • Runs from vehicle power
  • Standard Lithium cell backup (CR123A)
  • Mil Std and DEF STAN compliant
  • Highly cost effective
  • Negligible through-life costs
  • Rechargeable option if required
  • Can be integrated with cab lighting
  • EMP protected
  • 50+ years of LED lighting design experience
  • 10 year warranty



The Eeltex® Egret® range comprises several standard modular elements – various lights,  impulse detector, rollover sensor and water sensor, battery - to make up a complete vehicle egress lighting system.  These components are designed to comply with Mil-Std and DEF STAN requirements for DoD and UK MOD requirements, making them suitable for use in military platforms as well as public service and private vehicles.  As they are Commercial or COTS products, personnel protection using Egret components should prove highly cost-effective for military applications.  


To minimise through life costs to well under $50 a year, the standard system is connected to the vehicle power - it defaults to its own primary cells in the event of a power failure.  Alternatively Egret lighting can be operated completely independently from the vehicle electrics - using its own rechargeable battery supply (as standard, we utilize the PRC-148 radio battery - but any other in-service 12V pack could be used). 


With a combined 50+ years of experience of designing and manufacturing vehicle escape lights (our products are fitted to both US and UK forces' vehicles) we are well qualified to assist with integration into your platform.  In addition to our standard products we can make modified fixtures and brackets for almost any application.  And for retrofit (or to avoid the need to design new brackets), we have versions that will fit directly onto HaLO bracketry.


Our Osprey cab lighting can be integrated into the escape lighting system to provide a comprehensive lighting solution.



US customers can request our capability statement via our contact page - just fill in your contact information and request a copy in the message box....




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